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Our services

In short

We want to support heritage organisations, professionals and consultants operating in our sector. We will work with you to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs, and realise your ideas and vision.


Coordination and
Project Management 

Collaboration is at the heart of our ethos.  Catalysing constructive contributions from different voices, we know how to unlock energy. Making sure that dialogues are effective and drive action is how we work. 

We offer services in:  

  • Project Management. For us, project management is not only about numbers and deliverables: it is about facilitating collaboration between people so that they can all pull in the same direction, making the best out of their time and work.   

  • Consortium coordination and stakeholders’ facilitation. Making many stakeholders work together is often hard work. We can help your consortium to thrive. 

  • Sector Support Body Coordination. Having worked at the Heritage Alliance and the Historic Environment Forum, we are very aware of the value that support bodies bring to their members and the wider sector. We can offer additional capacity when you need it most. 

Consultation and Evaluation 

For change to be impactful we believe it needs to be anchored in people. Factoring consultation, monitoring and evaluation at an early stage and bringing the widest numbers of perspectives will contribute to provide lasting solutions. We will work with you to ensure that evaluation and consultation support strategies and ways to better achieve your outcomes as they grow and evolve.  

We offer services in: 

  • Consultation. Consultations are great opportunities to get to know your audiences better. We can assist you in designing and carrying out consultations that gather the data you are looking for.  

  • Focus-group facilitation and user testing. Sometimes, you need to test some thinking throughout a project or at critical decision times, as a one-off or a journey. We are here to help you manage these situations smoothly. 

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Monitoring and evaluation are required as part most grant-funded programmes. Rather than approaching them as ‘tick-boxing exercises’, we want to help you to extract lessons learned, and recommendations to build better programmes and strategies. 

  • Core Activities monitoring and evaluation. It’s not just your projects that needs monitoring, evaluating your core work will ensure your organisation continue to build its resilience and fulfil its strategic aims. We will assist you to develop and test an evaluation framework with indicators to monitor your organisation, unlocking the potential for a sustainable future. 


Research, Support and Infrastructures 

Sometimes, what you need is an extra pair of hands. To help with a funding bid, a research piece or a review of your infrastructures. We want to understand where your challenges lie and how we can address these with you. 

We offer services in: 

  • Fundraising. Whether you have a project in mind, or you would like to rethink how you can generate income to support your strategic objectives, we are here to develop with you the right solutions or support your bid-writing activities.  

  • Bid Review. A second, independent, pair of eyes can sometime give you the distance you need to ensure your bid is really aligned with both your and your funder’s needs. Through this short-term intervention, you will receive a small report on your bid, and a set of comments that will help you refine it. 

  • Heritage CRM Planning. CRM can be used for many purposes, not only for marketing but also as a tool to facilitate data collection for monitoring and evaluation. We can assist you in analysing your needs and ensuring your current or upcoming CRM system compile the best metrics to achieve your aims. 

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