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Why Hild?

In short

We care about people and believe in the positive role that heritage can have in everyone’s life. 

Who was abbess Hild?

St Hild (or Hilda) of Whitby (614–680) was an Anglo-Saxon abbess and princess in Early Middle Ages Northumbria. 

As Bede recalls in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, she was one of the most revered abbesses in Anglo-Saxon England. She founded the monastery of Whitby (then known as Streanaeshalch), in North Yorkshire. Trusted by her cousin, king Oswiu of Northumbria, she coordinated the Synod of Whitby, a forum which brought the diverging perspective of Roman and Celtic Christianity over the date of Easter, to bring unity across the kingdom of Northumbria. 

She maintained exchanges with leaders across the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and Europe. Thanks to her values and actions, Hild remained a respected figure whose advice was sought by princes and kings, until her death. 

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Hild, an inspiration for our values and mission 

We believe in dialogues to drive action for a sustainable and ethical future for the heritage sector in the UK and beyond. Hild was known as a woman of strong spirit, capable of fostering critical dialogue... values we are keen to emulate today. 

We are people-focussed. We want to understand what challenges you, what keeps you up at night and what drives you forward.  

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our experience at the heart of the sector has shown us that gathering a wealth of different voices and perspectives will unlock inclusive and resilient solutions. 

We know that outcomes will grow and evolve, we have learnt through our own journeys that value can be found in the process and not just the result and hope you will enjoy it with us. 

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